From:  John J. Robidoux, Superintendent

    Re:     Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    To:      All Swansea stakeholders

    Date:  February 28, 2020




    As I am sure you are aware, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a topic of discussion as of late and I felt it prudent to communicate the Swansea Public Schools’ response at this juncture.


    Attached is the advisory from DESE/DPH that outlines precautions that folks should be taking at this time. We are committed to reiterating, with staff and students, the need to utilize good hygiene practice as we do every winter time. We encourage parents/guardians to also follow handwashing and cold protocols both at home and in school so that we can minimize any risks to students and staff.


    Should there be any larger concern about the spread of the virus, we will make those protocols available and address the situation accordingly, and in line with DPH (Department of Public Health) guidelines.


    Please contact me with any questions/concerns 508-675-1195