• Case High Learning Commons

    Instructor: Dr Elizabeth Janson

    The Joseph Case High School Learning Commons is the resource center for the entire high school community. Its philosophy is grounded in its efforts to support the entire school curriculum and provide services for all students and faculty. 
    The Learning Commons provides any resource material or service that will contribute to or enhance the educational efforts of both students and teachers. It's both a physical and virtual space where you, either by yourself or as part of a group, question, investigate, problem-solve, innovate and create.

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday - Friday: 6:45 am - 3:00 pm  (or as needed)
    General attendance before and after school and during lunch study


    • Be respectful of other students and faculty in the Learning Commons
    • Be respectful of the equipment in the Learning Commons
    • Students must obtain passes before each period to come to the Learning Commons (unless coming with their class)
    • Students must use the sign-out clipboard if they are exiting the Learning Commons

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  • Janson, Elizabeth

    Email:  ejanson@swanseaschools.org