• Running Club

    The Case Junior High Running Club is not intended turn its participants into world class athletes.  It is an organization committed to developing teamwork and promoting the benefits of physical exercise.  The students who have joined this year’s team consist of vast differences in running and fitness skills.  Some students already possess the endurance and physique to run a mile without walking, while the majority of them are still trying  to jog two to three hundred meters without stopping.

    Our hope is that by the end of the year the more fit students will be able to run up to 3 miles non-stop and the ones struggling through three hundred meters will be able to do a mile with ease.  It is also hoped that when the students see their progress over the course of a year, they will become more self-confident in their physical skills.  These confident individuals will commit themselves to better lives that include regular exercise routines.

    The Case Junior High Running Club meets twice a week after school during the fall, once a week during the winter, and hopefully up to three times a week during the spring.  Students interested in the running team can contact Mr. Irish.