Swansea Public Schools

  • 1 Gardners Neck Road

    Swansea, MA 02777

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Title Name Department Phone email
Superintendent of Schools John J. Robidoux Administration 508-675-1195 jrobidoux@swanseaschools.org
Assistant Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth A. White Administration 508-675-1195 ewhite@swanseaschools.org
Administrative Assistant Marlene Santos Administration 508-675-1195 marlenes@swanseaschools.org
Administrative Assistant Amanda Silveira Administration 508-675-1195 asilveira@swanseaschools.org
Director of Finance and Technology Randi Arruda Business Office 508-675-1197 rarruda@swanseaschools.org
Data Manager Lynn Nunes Business Office 508-675-1197 lnunes@swanseaschools.org
Payroll Coordinator Chelsea Mello Business Office 508-675-1197 chelsea.mello@swanseaschools.org
Administrative Clerk Holli Destremps Business Office 508-675-1197 holli.destremps@swanseaschools.org
IT Technician Gilbert Pereira Business Office 508-675-1197 gpereira@swanseaschools.org
IT Technician Giovanni Pimentel Business Office 508-675-1197 gpimentel@swanseaschools.org
Interim Director of Student Services Sean Scanlon Student Services 508-675-7836
Assistant Director of Student Services Danielle Costa Student Services 508-675-7836 danielle.costa@swanseaschools.org
Administrative Assistant Mark Minnella Student Services 508-675-7836 mark.minnella@swanseaschools.org
Administrative Assistant Heather Nicora Student Services 508-675-7836 heather.nicora@swanseaschools.org
Administrative Assistant Susan Tavares Student Services 508-675-7836 stavares@swanseaschools.org
Transportation Coordinator Daniel Horton Transportation 508-646-4400 dhorton@swanseaschools.org
Facilities Manager Brett Medeiros Business Office 508-675-1197 brett.medeiros@swanseaschools.org