• Parents of 2022 Seniors:

      Applying to college is exciting, but can yield some anxious moments for both the applicants and the parents.  The Guidance Department at Joseph Case High School wants to assist you in the application process.  We have compiled a timeline for seniors to follow, and counselors will meet with each senior English class to outline career, financial aid, and college application protocols. 
      Each senior will receive a “Senior Packet” with information that may help make the application process a little less stressful.  Please ask your son or daughter to share the information in this packet with you.  There is a “Transcript Release Form” (blue form) in the packet that needs your signature so school records can be released to designated schools; this form is needed to accommodate transcript requests.  Please have your son or daughter return this blue from as soon as possible.  Counselors will be meeting with seniors over the next several months to discuss future plans. 
      To further assist in the college and scholarship process, there is a designated area in the library with career, college, scholarship and admission’s test information.  Check this web site for current information on college visits and scholarships available.  Also, all students have access to our college and career readiness computer program called Naviance. 
      If you are applying for financial aid, we recommend that you consider filing your tax return as early as possible.  Your financial information with be necessary to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  A completed FAFSA form is required prior to applying for any grant or student loan program.

    √ Parent and student must sign Transcript Release Form (blue) and return to guidance 
    √ Obtain Transcript Request Form (s) (orange) 
    √ Student must fill out a Transcript Request Form for each college/scholarship they are applying to. If signed and sealed is not circled the guidance department will mail the transcript only directly to the college/university/agency requested. 
    √ We recommend you make copies of all forms for your records 
    √ Student must have SAT/ACT sent directly to designated colleges 
    √ Student is responsible for submitting the college application, fees, essay or any supplementary materials. i.e.:  essays, fees, resume’s SAT/ACT scores.  Watch deadlines! 
    √ If student needs assistance in filling out applications forms they should see their guidance counselor