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Health Annoucements

  • BMI Screenings

    BMI Screenings
    Dear Parents,
    This is just a reminder that BMI Screenings will be done on all Grade 4 students at Luther School during the week of vision and hearing screenings.

    This is mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
    BMI (Body Mass Index) screenings are calculated using an individual’s height and weight. It can be a useful tool in indentifying possible health …

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  • Keeping Kids Healthy!

    Advice from the school nurse to keep kids healthy:In our school system, we believe that healthy students learn better. Children don’t perform to the best of their ability if they’re not feeling well physically. Keeping students healthy in a school environment can be challenging, but it is an important responsibility that parents, teachers and students must work together to maintain. Parents …

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  • Allergy Awareness Reminder

    Dear Families,
    This year we welcome several students to our classrooms with food allergies. Reactions to certain foods can range from mild to life threatening. While our school has a multitude of different types of allergies, I would like to remind parents of our peanut/nut policy. Luther school is not a peanut/nut free school. Students may bring in nut products for their own personal …

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  • Helpful Health Tips

    Please keep the school informed of any illness or restrictions that your child may have. If you are calling your child in sick, please leave a message on our school answering machine or talk to our school secretary directly prior to the start of the school day. Students returning to school after an illness must bring a note from their parent/guardian. If it is necessary for your child to take …

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