The School Council at Hoyle School is an extremely involved group of individuals who are committed to excellence. The council’s goals for the upcoming year remain to make the Hoyle School a school of excellence. During this year’s meetings , the council reviewed budgetary items, updating our report card system, standardized testing, capital projects, a tribute to Officer Cabral, and the school improvement plan. We are committed to quality instruction, appropriate assessment procedures, parental involvement, and developing well-rounded students. By focusing our goals on these major tenants we believe that we can exceed state standards as set forth in the Massachusetts State Frameworks.


    Members of the 2019-2020 Hoyle School Council are:
    William J. Courville - Chair
    Matthew Conway - Teacher
      Amy Lyons - Teacher
    Josephine Lapre - Teacher
    Sonya Barbosa - Parent
    Kathy Bartoga - Parent
    Jay Hoyle - Community Member