• Safety Policies


    If you are picking your child up at the end of school please be here at 3:00PM (K-2), sign him/her out on the clip board provided and wait in the cafeteria until dismissal at 3:15 PM.

    Half Day Preschool will be dismissed outside in decent wather/inside on cold or rainy days. Please see the sign located in Mrs. Bushell's window that indicates which it will be.

    Full Day PK is dismissed in the cafeteria.

    If anyone other than a child’s parent is to dismiss them from school, a note MUST be sent with your child that morning to informthe office of the change. For safety reasons, ONLY PARENTS/GUARDIANS are allowed to dismiss a child without written consent. We do not use a “pick-up list”.


    All visitors must check in at the front office.  All other students and parents are to check in at the office and we will ensure that the student gets to class. If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher please make an appointment first. We will accommodate your schedule.


    Please call the Transportation Department at 508-646-4400 with bussing questions. Temporary bus switching is NOT ALLOWED. (for play-dates, etc.)

    Parking & Traffic Patterns

    Please observe the ONE WAY, NO PARKING, & Handicap Parking signs posted. Also, please reduce your speed when traveling on school property. Drop-off and dismissal time can become very hazardous for children & parents if these safety rules are ignored. Also, please do not park or travel in the front U - this area is for busses ONLY. Thank You for your attention to this matter.

    With many parents waiting out front to get their Luther students off busses, there is a lot of congestion in the bus area. Please make sure that your children do not play on the sidewalks near the busses at dismissal time.

    You can help!

    The Hoyle Elementary School is committed to developing each child's abilities to the fullest extent possible with all the available resources available. Extra activities include School Spirit Days, Family Movie Night, Book Fairs, and various in school programs and field trips. Parent volunteers assist in the library, field trips, and PTO activities.

    Volunteers who would like to volunteer for school activities must complete a CORI check at least once every three years and have completed a fingerprint-based background check. CORI forms are available in all the school offices or at the School Administration building.  A valid, government-issued picture ID (ex. driver’s license) is required.  The school's office or administration can look up the expiration date of a current CORI for those volunteers who may not remember when they need to renew.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

  • I want to be a chaperone on my child's field trip. It is tomorrow. Is it too late?

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    Chaperones are chosen by the school and are limited in number by the facility to be attended and/or the principal. This is done in advance of the field trip and anyone who volunteers will get an email (at least a week before the field trip) letting them know if they have or have not been chosen. Names are chosen at random (of the people who have security clearance).  At this point, chaperones have already been chosen.

    Field trip forms should be sent back to school promptly. All volunteers must complete a CORI check at least once every three years through the Swansea School Dept. and have completed a fingerprint-based background check. There are no exceptions.

    Hopefully you will be able to chaperone another field trip soon!




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  • Do I need to let you know if my child is going to be late or out of school?

    Posted by: Britney F.

    Yes. It is always good to let the school know if/why your child is going to be late or absent. The school needs to account for every child and must verify the child's tardy/absent status. In the case of a prolonged absence, such as a vacation, please let us know when that your child will be out on vacation and when he/she is expected to be back in school.

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  • Do you use a pick up list?

    Posted by: Susan A.

    No. We do not use a pick up list. The nurse will only the contacts at the bottom of the Accident & Illness form (the one you fill out & send in the first week of school) in case of illness or emergency if a parent/guardian cannot be reatched. This list is only used by the nurse.

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  • What if i need to have my child's grandparents need to pick her up on Tuesday's for dance?

    Posted by: Elaine G.

    You may send a letter to the office for us to keep on file for instances like this where the pick up is a standing change. Please include the child's name, the day of this change, and the name of the person who will come to pick up your child. Please note that leters do not carry over to the next school year.

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  • We suggest doing all safety checks at the beginning of the school year as we do many October Field Trips.
    Volunteers must also complete a national fingerpint-based criminal background check before volunteering.

    • Schedule your fingerprinting appointment online at http://www.identogo.com/fp/massachusetts.aspx (or by phone at 866-349-8130).
    • Click the Online Scheduling link towards the bottom of the page.
    • After providing personal information, select the "Pre-K - 12 Education ESE" menu.
    • Volunteers will select "All Other School Personnel".
    • Provide Swansea Public Schools ESE Organization Code/Provider ID: 02920000.
    • The fee associated with fingerprinting is $55.00 for licensed educators, including those with pending applications/licenses, and $35.00 for all others.
    • Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a Registration Confirmation Number which must be brought to your fingerprint appointment.
    • A valid, government-issued picture ID (ex. driver’s license) is required.
    • What if I’ve already been fingerprinted for another Massachusetts School District?
      Contact the Massachusetts school district for which you have already been fingerprinted and request that a Suitability Determination Letter be sent to Swansea Public Schools. This letter may be faxed, mailed or emailed to the Superintendent’s Office, but it must come directly from the original district.  A copy brought in by the individual is not acceptable.

      For more information, please visit
      or http://www.malegislature.gov/Laws/SessionLaws/Acts/2012/Chapter459