• All snacks provided during the school day or in after-school programs should reinforce the importance of healthy choices and make a positive contribution to students’ diet and health.

    Classroom celebrations, especially in elementary schools, should encourage healthy choices and portion control. Parties should be limited to no more than one per class per month.

    If you are asked or allowed to send in a class snack, please insure it meets these guidelines.

    The school cannot accept items such as soda, cup cakes, cake, candy, or chips for distribution for classroom celebrations. Please see the Swansea School District Wellness policy.


healthy snacks
  • Snack Safely Guide:

    Please note for nut-free options please see the following website:www.snacksafely.com

    The Safe Snack Guide is a frequently updated list  of products free of peanuts, tree nuts and eggs. It  provides an easy means of excluding these allergens from the home and complying with peanut and tree nut exclusion policies being adopted by schools, camps, youth sports leagues and other  organizations nationwide in response to the explosion in the number of people suffering with food allergies.


    *Please do not send in any snacks for events that may contain NUTS if your child is in a nut free classroom. This includes items that have in their ingredients the notation such as “may contain nuts or made in a nut facility”.