Each class will have field trips during the year. A signed permission will be needed for your child to participate.  Chaperones will be arranged by the school and will be limited in number by the facility to be attended and/or the principal. This is done in advance of the field trip and anyone who volunteers will get an email (at least a week before the field trip) letting them know if they have or have not been chosen. Names are chosen at random (of the people who have security clearance).

    All school field trips are “Nut-Free”. Students opting to purchase a school lunch will be offered a “Nut-Free” lunch. If you are packing a lunch for your child it cannot contain any peanut or nut products. This will ensure the safety of our students as well as the students from other schools who will be at the same facility.

    Field trip forms should be sent back to school promptly. All volunteers must complete a CORI check at least once every three years through the Swansea School Dept. and have completed a fingerprint-based background check. There are no exceptions. * see Safety Policy


  • Chaperone Guidelines

    When you volunteer to serve as a chaperone on your child's field trip, you will be helping to extend the regular curriculum beyond the classroom and the school. Your role as a chaperone is an important one, and while enjoyable, requires that you accept certain responsibilities.

    Safety is essential. Please listen carefully to your child’s teacher as well as any field trip representative and support their instructions.

    The purpose of the Chaperone Guidelines is to provide you with an overview of a chaperone's responsibilities, and to make recommendations for appropriate responses to various situations that may arise during the course of a field trip.



    • Please arrive on time.
    • Bring only nut-free food -if you are eating on this field trip.
    • Dress appropriately for individual field trip conditions. Casual, comfortable dress is recommended. Listen to the weather report and anticipate weather changes. When in doubt, bring rain gear or dress in layers. Comfortable footwear is a must!
    • Students are encouraged to apply sunscreen/bug spray at home for an outdoor field trip. (chaperones too!) Do not apply any of these products to students during a field trip.
    • Know the children in your group. The teacher will divide students into groups and assign students to chaperones. Introduce yourself and be sure that you know the names of the children in your group.
    • Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have doubts as to what should be done in a given situation.
    • Watch carefully. Listen to all safety rules, and always think of the children's safety first.
    • Students are reminded to be quiet & observant. They should also not pick plants or bother any animals. Field trips are active and fun, but they are also designed to be educational. Students should follow all school rules and exhibit good behavior.
    • Do not leave children alone or unescorted. It is your responsibility to keep the group together and when necessary, escort children to the lavatory.
    • Do not purchase souvenirs or food without prior permission of the teacher.
    • There is no-smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed.



    • The supervising teacher will be responsible for the first aid kit.
    • Report all illnesses and injuries to the teacher in charge.