Mass State Ethics Commission
    Mandatory Online Training Program

    The conflict of interest law, Chapter 268A of the General Laws, requires that state employees give undivided loyalty to the state and act in the public interest rather than for private gain.  This law sets a minimum standard of ethical conduct for all state employees and officials.  The law and the Ethics Commission, which enforces the law, were established to foster integrity in government and promote public trust. The purpose of the law is to ensure that public employees’ private financial interests and personal relationships do not conflict with their public obligations. The law governs what you may do on the job, what you may do after hours or “on the side,” and what you may do after you leave public service. 

    The introductory online training program provided through this website provides a short summary of the key provisions of the conflict of interest law and follows up with questions to further your understanding of these provisions.  It is important to keep in mind that information provided in the online training program is general in nature and is not an exhaustive review of the conflict of interest law.  The Commission staff also regularly offers free educational seminars at its Boston office, Room 619, One Ashburton Place.  Please contact the Commission at 617-371-9500 if you are interested in attending one of these sessions or sponsoring an educational seminar at your facility.

    The State Ethics Commission provides free, confidential legal advice about how the law applies in a particular situation.  We encourage you to seek legal advice from the Commission at 617-371-9500 or your agency’s legal counsel if you face a potential conflict of interest.