• Dear Case High School Senior,

    The Joseph Case High School Trustees have been awarding college scholarships for over 70 years. The Trustees presented 100 scholarships, totaling $64,600, to 2019 graduates and will continue the mission to support Case High Seniors in their effort to pursue higher education.

    Although the scholarships are largely merit based, with preference given to the top 50% of the class, we encourage ALL students to apply if they are planning to attend college next fall (2year or 4-year schools). Please note the Case High Scholarship Trust Application is attached but can also be found in the Guidance Office and on the Swansea Schools website (please be sure to fill out a 2020 application).

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: all applications are due guidance by Tuesday, April 7th, 2020, by the close of school, no exceptions. Applicants must also make themselves available for an interview by the Board of Trustees on either Monday April 27, 2020, or Tuesday April 28, 2020. Again we encourage all students to apply if you are planning to attend college next fall.

    Study hard and best of luck! Sincerely, CASE HIGH SCHOLARSHIP TRUST, INC.

    Filling out the application: please type and print double-sided the application you will submit to Guidance. All information must be contained within the application; no attachments will be accepted. Email address: provide your personal email (not @swanseaschools account). Phone numbers: please provide a parent phone (either home or cell). We want to be able to easily reach you. Unfortunately, be aware you will not be able to save the document. Any scholarship money awarded must be claimed by August 15, 2020 and will be put towards the first semester of college.