School Cancellation Procedures

  • Inclement Weather Days

    As this is New England, we are apt to have a number of school days when the weather is inclement. On such days, the Superintendent must decide by 5:00 a.m. whether conditions will be safe for the children to come to school. Please know that we are likely to keep school open if roads are open and passable. If a parent believes that weather conditions are too severe, he/she may keep his/her children home.

    Schools are regularly open every full day of the school year calendar, which has been approved by the School Committee, except for early dismissal the day before Thanksgiving Day.    When weather hazards make the streets unsafe for school bus transportation, daily school sessions will be canceled or the starting time delayed.

    No-School Announcements:  
    The superintendent will announce school closings on twitter.  Follow @superswansea16 for more information.

    Radio/TV : 
    The announcement for closing schools will be broadcast between 5:30 am and 6:30 am over the following radio/television stations: