• Special Education Parent Advisory Council General Information


    Swansea has combined with Somerset-Berkley, Dighton-Rehoboth and Berkley Public Schools to form

    The Regional SEPAC of Southcoast Massachusetts


    The SEPAC is created by Massachusetts law and serves as a voice for
    parents by advising the Swansea school administration and school
    committee on special education matters.

    The purpose of SEPAC is to work for the understanding, respect, support
    and appropriate education for all children with special education in our
    community by serving as a resource for parents and caregivers and
    providing a forum for them to receive support, learn, share experiences,
    and exchange information.

    Membership is free and open to all interested parties, especially
    parents or caregivers of children with disabilities or special learning


    SEPAC Website

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SPAC in Action