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Morning Arrival/Drop-Off

Morning drop-off begins at 8:30 a.m.  Parents dropping off students will proceed to the end of Church Street and take a right on Nicolls Street.  Do not enter the first driveway after the school; it is reserved exclusively for buses.  After stopping at the stop sign, bear right into the student drop-off area.  Pull up as far as you can into the drop-off area, so that as many vehicles as possible can unload simultaneously.  Students should exit the vehicle on the passenger side of the car and walk along the sidewalk to the playground entrance.  After dropping off your child, continue through the loop to exit onto Nicolls Street.   Please be courteous and patient while waiting to drop off your child.  Avoid passing other vehicles on the left or making u-turns; the safety of the students is our top priority.  If you wish to park and escort your child to the playground, please enter the parking lot at the intersection of Church and Nicolls Street.  Use the crosswalk closest to the playground to cross Nicolls Street and walk on the sidewalk to the playground entrance.  If your child is late arriving to school, please park in the parking lot and escort your child into the building, using the main entrance.

Afternoon Arrival/Pick-Up

The school day ends at 3:15 p.m.  Parents picking up their child should enter the parking lot at the corner of Church and Nicolls Street.  Once the parking lot is full, proceed into the loop for morning pickup, pulling up as far as you can so that everyone will have room to park.  Enter the building through the playground gate at the northwest corner of the building no earlier than 3:05.  Proceed around the building on the sidewalk into the gym, where staff members will be available to sign out your child.  Please have a photo ID with you to present to the staff members on duty to verify your identity.  If anyone other than a parent will be picking up a student, we must have a note letting us know that you are allowing this person to sign out your child.  Once your child has been dismissed, exit through the rear door of the gymnasium and proceed around the building on the sidewalk to return to your vehicle.  For safety reasons, please use the crosswalk to enter the parking lot.  Please leave the gym and playground area as soon as you pick up your child, as the Surround Care program utilizes both areas immediately after school.  If you are waiting for a student coming from Brown School, please wait on the sidewalk near the student drop-off sign.  The bus driver will release your child to you at that point, provided he/she has the proper authorization to do so.