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Calling in a student absent

From Mrs. Leslie Stolts
Director of Health Services

     Hello, this is a message from your child's school nurse. In an effort to improve parent and school communication, please follow these guidelines when calling the school regarding your child's absence.

Please call your childs school with the following information.

One, please state the reason for the absence. Illness with specific symptoms, dentist appointment, etcetera.
Two, does your child have a fever and how high?
Three, do you plan on contacting a doctor?

Once again, please remember to call the school if your child is going to be out for any reason. If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to contact your childs school nurse. Thank you.

Leslie Stolts MSN RN,C
Director of Health Services
Hoyle School Nurse
70 Community Lane
Swansea, MA 02777