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BMI Screenings

 Notice to parents from the Swansea Schools Health Department  

            BMI Screening will begin in each fall.  This is mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health based on the M.G.L. Chapter 71 Section 57 and 105 CMR 200.500 in Massachusetts.  Based on the guidelines given to us by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health it is now required that the nurses calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) and corresponding percentile of each student in grades 1, 4, 7, and 10.  Every effort shall be made to protect the privacy of the student during the screening process and in the communication of information about the students BMI to the parent or legal guardian.

 How will BMI screening work?

·      BMI is a measure that is used to show a person’s “weight for height for age”.  It is calculated using an individual’s height and weight.  It can be a useful tool in identifying possible health risks.

·      BMI screenings are mandated by Massachusetts Laws and will be collected for students in grades 1, 4, 7 and 10.

·      Parent and guardians have the right to waive their child’s BMI screening by submitting a written request to their child’s school nurse. Please note your child is still required to have an annual height and weight measurement done.

·     Each student will be weighed and measured in private with no other students present.

·      BMI screening results are part of your child’s health record and will be kept strictly confidential.

·      Parents that have any questions about their specific child’s results should speak with their child’s school nurse or their child’s pediatrician.

·      BMI details will not be sent home unless requested by parents.