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District and Site Based Technology in Swansea

Technology is an integral component of educating our students in the 21st Century. The goal of the Swansea Technology Department is to create and support technology-rich learning environments for the students of Swansea. The department is dedicated to supporting the district vision, to serve and provide the instructional techniques that foster the 21st-century skills and knowledge our students will need through the seamless implementation and integration of technology.

The Technology Department plans, implements and maintains the network infrastructure for the six schools located in the Swansea School District. In addition, the department assists teachers in integrating technology tools into the curriculum. Our department believes that technology is a large component of thoughtful lesson design and a powerful tool for learning.
District Wide:
  •  Each school has installed wireless access points to provide total coverage of all classrooms, common areas, and office suites. 
  • The district installed a Fiber Optic Cable Municipal Area Network (FMAN) to facilitate the interconnection of (7) school facilities in a star topology for redundancy and efficiency.
  • The district internet access is supported at 4 Gbps/3.35Gbps 
  • Use of Google Suites
    • Gmail
    • Google Classroom
    • Google Sites
  • School Dude ITDirect and MaintenaceDirect for requesting and tracking issues through this helpdesk system
  • Aspen/X2 Demographic web-based software 
  • Aspen/X2 parent portal
  • School Gate Guardian (Security)
  • Naviance 
Device Ratio for District            
School Student
iPad/MacBook PC Laptop Chromebook Total Ratio of Device
to Student
Brown 275 82 25 15 360 482 0.57:1
Gardner 274 110 15   165 290 0.94:1
Luther 207 50 21   249 320 0.65:1
Hoyle 250 118 22   180 320 0.78:1
   Elementary Total 1006         1412 0.71:1
Junior High School 562 172 50 76 580 897 0.63:1
High School 531 160 98 126 449 833 0.64:1
  2099       2002 3142  

   Our technology vision is to prepare our students with the skills, tools, and curriculum to advance in this ever-changing digital world.   The district continues to invest and support our teachers and students with hardware, software, and professional development to integrate technology standards and curriculum. Joseph Case High School:

  • Learning Commons cafe workstations
  • Learning Commons teaming tables
  • Mounted projectors and document cameras in each classroom
  • Naviance College & Career Readiness Technology
  • Virtual High School ~ offering additional online coursework and distance learning
  • Television Studio 
  • 7 Interactive technology boards
  • Google for Education 

Joseph Case Junior High School:

  • 7 Interactive technology boards
  • Media center lab environment 
  • IXL Math for support, skills and immediate feedback to encourage growth in learning
  • PLATO Courseware effective digital solution that includes courses aligned to state and national standards. 
  • Naviance College & Career Readiness Technology
  • Google for Education 

 Grades 3 - 5 Digital Learning:

  • Pearson Access GMade math assessment software
  • Pearson Elevate 2019 edition Science Curriculum
  • Google for Education 

 Elizabeth Brown Elementary:

  • 1 computer lab
  • 9 Interactive technology boards
  • Google for Education 


Joseph G. Luther Elementary:

  • 1 computer lab
  • 4 Interactive technology boards
  • Google for Education 

Grades K - 2 Digital Learning:


 Gardner Elementary:

  • 2 Interactive technology boards
  • 1 computer lab
  • Google for Education 


Mark G. Hoyle Elementary:

  • 2 Interactive technology boards
  • 1 computer lab
  • Google for Education