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Notice of Swansea Public School Student Reunification Plan

This letter is to inform you of the Swansea Public School Student Reunification Plan, in the event that a full evacuation from any of our schools is required due to an unforeseen emergency situation.


A full evacuation means that a determination has been made based upon the scenario that returning to the school building is not in the best interest of students and staff.  In this instance, please adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Please DO NOT come to the school as you may impede emergency responders.


  • Please DO NOT call the school because you will tie up phone lines.


  • Turn on local radio or TV for further instructions (or wait for push notification from school via One Call or website app).


  • Keep your mobile device with you to receive messages from the school.


  • Please be patient with the reunification process as it may seem chaotic and time consuming, but know training is in place and is coordinated with fire, police and rescue.


  • Students will be reunified with parents / guardians at Venue de Milo Restaurant, Route 6, Swansea, MA.


  • Photo identification will be required to pick-up your child.




John J. Robidoux

Superintendent of Schools