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EEE Notification

As Superintendent, I have been in contact with the Swansea Department of Health in regard to questions and concerns raised about EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis). Swansea is not in an identified ‘red zone’ and, therefore, no advisories have been set forth indicating anything other than normal precautions should be taken.


Until such time that the Department of Health indicates the Swansea Community needs to take extra precautions, I would suggest that families be aware that mosquito activity is at its height from dusk until dawn and during those times mosquito repellant (with DEET) should be used, as well as, wearing long sleeves and long pants when you may be exposed to mosquito activity.


If at any time the Swansea Department of Health issues further guidelines, the School District will take the necessary steps outlined by those guidelines.


Be well


John J. Robidoux

Superintendent of Schools