Posted by William Courville on 8/24/2018

School Opening                                                    

     We are looking forward to a great year! Remember- our afternoon bus dismissal times get better as we go along and get students on the buses a little faster – so be prepared! Out students are ready to excel and we have high expectations for a great year.

       Student attendance and tardiness will be monitored closely again this year. Any school time missed can affect your child’s performance in school. According to the Massachusetts DOE, a student must be in school for at least half the school day to be counted as  present. If a student is dismissed before NOON for any reason, this counts an dismissed/absence.

     Please help your child arrive to school on time.

    We would love to see as many parents/guardians as we can at Open House! It is a great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and others in the Hoyle Community!



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